Dyess airmen losing money for school with Tuition Assistance suspension

Air Force suspends tuition assistance program

ABILENE, Texas - The sequestration budget cuts are beginning to hit Dyess Airmen who were hoping for a little help going to school.

The Air Force's Tuition Assistance program helps airmen get a degree to the tune of $250 per semester hour, up to $4,500 a year.  But as of now, that help has been suspended as a result of the $85 billion in federal budget cuts made March 1st.

Col. Glen D. VanHerck, 7th Bomb Wing Commander of Dyess Air Force Base, issued a statement, which in part says Dyess is providing leadership and mentorship for Airmen who want to continue their education while TA is not available. He also points out the Dyess Education Office has financial counseling available.

The temporary suspension of Tuition Assistance will only affect those just now applying for help, and those enrolling in the summer school semesters. Personnel who were approved for Tuition Assistance before this announcement won't be affected.  Those benefiting from the GI Bill will also continue to get tuition help. The military still has to decide whether Tuition Assistance will be reinstated for the 2014 fiscal year that starts Oct. 1.

According to Dyess' Public Affairs office, about 1100 Airmen currently take advantage of the Air Force's tuition assistance.

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