Dyess military honored with 'Zoolute' at Abilene Zoo

ABILENE, Texas - All active and retired military were honored at the Abilene Zoo on Saturday.

The day was a "Zoolute to Dyess." The fun-filled day celebrated the work of our local armed forces. Military families enjoyed a day with the animals that included admission and free with lunch with military I.D.

Chick-fil-a, pizza and grilled hotdogs were served. Organizers of "Zoolute" said this was their way of saying thank you to men and women serving in the military.

"We appreciate it," B1 Crew Chief Joseph Ruiz said. "It tells us that we're doing our jobs and that they think it's important and it shows us that they appreciate it. So we like that."

Saturday, May 18 is also recognized as National Armed Forces day in the United States.

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