Early voting begins Monday in Abilene: Get to know the candidates

ABILENE, Texas - Current Mayor Norm Archibald and his challenger Councilman Robert Briley both want to see Abilene grow, but they have different ways of achieving that goal.

Water, jobs and education are among the important issues Abilenians want to be addressed.

"It won't be long that we're going to go from once a week water to once every two weeks and that's troubling especially when we have the rights to the water and we haven't taken action on it," Briley said.

Archibald said he still wants to build the Cedar Ridge reservoir to bring in more water for the city.

"It will be more expensive to treat the water from Possum Kingdom than to build Cedar Ridge and have all of that water to ourselves and treat it because of the quality of the water," Archibald said.

In other local elections, two hopefuls for a city council seat are vying for your votes: challenger Joseph Neal Cochran and incumbent Anthony Williams.

Cochran has lived in Abilene for seven years and has experience in sales and business management and wants to tackle issues that are important to Abilene's growth.

Williams, his opponent, said his own goals are to create a larger economy and make it easier for citizens to communicate with the city government.

Early voting begins Monday and ends on May 6. For a polling place near you, click on this link.

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