ELECTION 2012: Bishop elated with victory over Taylor County's sheriff

Ricky Bishop defeats Les Bruce

Four years ago, Les Bruce defeated the incumbent in the primary election and went on to become Taylor County Sheriff.

Tuesday night, the incumbent Bruce learned he will be a one-term sheriff.

Ricky Bishop, a deputy in the sheriff's department, defeated his boss in the Republican runoff election, capturing 53 percent of the vote.

There is no Democrat on the November general election ballot. Barring any changes between now and Dec. 31, Ricky Bishop is the presumptive sheriff of Taylor County.

Bishop was mostly reserved during much of the campaign, giving way to the issue of drug testing issue between Art Casarez and Sheriff Les Bruce. Bruce initially balked at taking a drug test, but ultimately relented, taking one administered by his personal physician, which he passed.

"I think the citizens of the county, in the unincorporated areas, they've been unhappy for several years with some things that's been going on, things I've been listening to for the last eight years I've been on patrol," Bishop said.

"But, I think their voice has spoken and they've talked to people in town about the issues that they're having, and the public is wanting to see something new, some changes done and with their support and all of our prayers we're hoping we're going to get that done," he added.

Meanwhile, Bruce, who will still maintain that title until the end of the year, said he has been extremely happy with his work as sheriff.

"We've worked very hard. I'm very proud of the work we've done the last three and a half years. There's a lot of work to do before January 1st and we have started a lot of things in motion," Bruce said.

Regarding whether or not he believed the issue of drug testing affected his campaign, this is what Bruce had to say:

"I have no idea. That issue a long time ago was a dead issue for me. Matter of fact, I never gave it...I mean I gave it a lot of thought, don't get me wrong, but again, being in this profession for 30 years I didn't or did I believe that it had a lot of thing to do with the voting in Taylor County."

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