ELECTION 2012: Ricky Bishop talks about plans for Taylor County sheriff's job

Ricky Bishop discusses his plans

Days after winning a runoff race for the Republican nomination for Taylor County Sheriff, Ricky Bishop went one-on-one with KTXS.

We learn more about the man who is poised to become sheriff -- he has no Democratic opponent in November -- and we talked to Bishop about what his plans are and what frustrations came out of his recent campaign.

He called his victory over incumbent Les Bruce a shock and admits the race was bit overwhelming at times, but he is the chosen candidate and he's got plans once he sits in the sheriff's seat.

"There was times where people were yelling and screaming at me because they couldn't believe how I would do that and I had nothing to do with any of that," Bishop said.

The father of two went from working for the City of Abilene to sheriff's deputy in 1999.

His years as deputy were what sparked his interest to run for sheriff.

"Our dispatchers are overwhelmed with calls from other divisions in the department trying to do license plate checks, warrant checks on people," Bishop said.

Getting computers in patrol cars is just one item on what he calls his "laundry list" of things he wants to change at the department. Others include improving security and training at the jail and getting warrant officers on the streets more often.

Bishop said for now he doesn't have plans to make changes in command.

"We'll all figure out what the best step is going to be for us and what it's going to be for the department," he said. "This is going to be a team effort, one man cannot run this department by himself."

Here's an interesting fact: Bishop said he currently earns $35,000 a year. Last year Sheriff Les Bruce earned more than $70,000.

Taylor County leaders are still discussing budget terms for next year, so no exact figure can be given on how much Bishop would earn as sheriff.

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