Ex-Jim Ned quarterback, San Francisco 49er Colt McCoy hosts camp for Big Country kids

Big Country celebrity hosts football camp

ABILENE, Texas - More than 250 youngsters spent two days this week taking part in a football camp led by a former Big Country athlete turned pro football player.

Colt McCoy, former quarterback at Jim Ned High School and the University of Texas, is leading the camp aimed at teaching kids football skills, as well as how to succeed in the game of life.

Ava Witkowsky, 8, was one of only two girls at the football camp, but she said she didn't mind.

"It just doesn't really matter," Witkowsky said. "We're all the same people. We're all treated the same."

This is the third year the Colt McCoy football camp has come to Abilene.

McCoy said it's good to be home.

"I love coming back to Abilene," McCoy said. "I love being able to come back to where I grew up, be around the people I was with."

While some kids are learning fundamentals, others are learning life skills.

"You need to pay respect to everyone, even when you're not having a good day," said Witkowsky.

McCoy said that's what's it's all about.

"We talk about courage, we talk about effort, we talk about character," McCoy said. "I want them to go back to their schools and to their houses and to their families and you know, act right, and do the right thing and just be better people."

How does a kid from a small west Texas town make it big?

"I've been blessed," McCoy said. "You know, I have worked really hard, but I could never take credit for the things that I've done. I know I've just followed right in step with God's plan for me and I just have to continue to trust that I'm doing the right thing."

The kids were able to go to the camp for free because of sponsorships; they all got a T-shirt, bag and a photo with the All-American.

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