Facing a lack of rain, will the Winter Wheat crop make it?

2012 has been a mixed bag for wheat producers?

ABILENE, Texas - Could a lack of rain spell trouble for Winter Wheat this year? The crop has been in the ground since mid-October. Just a few weeks after the Big Country saw the soaker that brought several inches of rainfall to the area.

For now, the deep soil moisture from those storms has been enough to sustain the crop.

 Joe Compton, an area wheat producer, said "after the cold weather we just had, this wheat is going into a dormancy where it won't need a lot of water for the next sixty days".

This time last year the Big Country rainfall totals that were more than ten inches below average.

Even still, the rain came during January and February, showers that essentially saved the crop.

Like many years in West Texas, all local producers can do now is watch the skies and wait for the rain.

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