Fireworks sales benefit Abilene High band

Fireworks sales benefit Abilene High band

ABILENE, TX - The Abilene High School band kicked off their biggest fundraiser of the year on Wednesday.

The band partners with Alamo Fireworks twice a year. They hope to raise $3-5,000 for equipment, scholarships and music lessons.

Junior band leader Stephanie Trevino is in her third year volunteering.

"I get to stand behind these lovely gates and get dirty," said Trevino. "I help people learn more about fireworks and tell them how they work and help them sell."

She told us why it's important that people buy from them.

"It definitely means a lot," said Trevino. "We can bring in new instruments, basically new equipment, new everything."

The band booster club runs and manages the entire store for almost a week, during their holiday vacation.

"This is a big fundraiser for the band," said Trevino. "We get a lot of money off of it. We have a fundraiser during the year but this is the biggest one of the year, during the Fourth of July and during Christmas."

This is their fundraising Chairman David Mosley's ninth year heading up the effort.

"I just like to see the kids come out here and have fun," said Mosley. "It helps them on learning some of the business aspects of it."

"It's just this giant family," said Trevino. "We go places and do everything together. We eat and have fun bus rides.

Ultimately, they are asking for people to come and buy fireworks.

"You should definitely come help out," said Trevino.

Mosley said two years go they weren't able to sell because of a burn ban.

Taylor County is currently not under a burn ban, but people are urged to use caution with fire.

Fireworks are not allowed within Abilene city limits. Weather conditions are still dry. If you are burning or using open flames outdoors, be sure to keep water nearby.

For more information, log onto http://www.taylorcountytexas.org.

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