First Baptist Church of Abilene faces substantial damage after storm

1st Baptist Church hail damage repair underway

ABILENE, Texas - The First Baptist Church of Abilene is cleaning up its Family Life Center and repairing its roof after massive hailstones hammered Abilene last week.

For the most part, the roof was original to the building, which was completed in 1954.

The roof's clay tiles, which stood up to the elements for decades, took a beating from last week's massive hailstones.

Mike Greenfield, the church's pastor of Administration and Spiritual Development, said the chapel wasn't the only building that sustained damage.

"The Spanish clay tile, the roof took a bad beating so we lost all the roofs to our sanctuary chapel and our counseling center," Greenfield said.

Caution tape is up around the buildings to protect the congregation from falling tiles.

Next door, the church's Family Life Center also took a hit.

Several skylights were knocked out over the gym, and the floor now has water damage from the rain that poured in afterwards.

The basketball court is closed until further notice, but the Family Life Center's other facilities, including the skating rink and the bowling alley, are still open to the public.

Greenfield said the church is unsure if it will replace the old clay tiles with new ones or with tiles made of a composite material that could hold up better to future hailstorms.

Insurance adjusters are set to come out this week to assess the damage and give an estimate of the repair costs.

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