Fiscal Cliff affecting Big Country residents unemployment benefits

Fiscal Cliff

ABILENE, TX - The effects of the fiscal cliff are hitting home here in the Big Country.  Unemployment benefits could end for some 900 people in Taylor and Jones Counties if a deal isn't reached

Tina Tallant worked for the Post Office for 14 years and was let go just over a year ago. She is one of the 2 million people in threat of losing her unemployment benefits and more if Congress doesn't decide to extend them.

"I'll probably end up losing my house," said Tallant. "My boys and I won't have anywhere to live. We'll have to move into an apartment."

She's already lost her car and is behind on her bills. She spends most of her days searching the internet for jobs.

Tallant is dealing with the guilt and stress of her sons living at home to help pitch in with the mounting bills.

"They shouldn't have to be pull money out of their pockets to put in a house for their mom to live in," said Tallant. "They should be out on their own."  

While we were at Tina's house, President Obama made a life statement about the fiscal cliff negotiations.

With no agreement yet, Tina is forced to wait.  Her reaction to the President's statement and Congress was, "Stay in there and fight. Don't come out and tell is something we already knew us that I feel like."

However, if they can't find a solution, Tina will have to find her own.

"If they don't push it through I'm going door to door to clean houses," said Tallant.

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