Former Abilene resident arrested in Austin after third DWI

AUSTIN, Texas - A former Abilene resident has been arrested after driving intoxicated and crashing into another vehicle in Austin.

Patrick Moore, 50, crashed into another vehicle in Austin. After the collision, he drove off.

Police found Moore pulled over on the side of the road passed out with his steering wheel missing. Three empty liquor bottles were also found in his back seat.

Moore later had his blood-alcohol levels tested. They came in at .42, more than five times the legal level.

He was sent to the hospital, but police did not arrest Moore until four months later. Detective Mike Jennings said it is a waste of manpower to have someone watching over someone. It is easier to just have a warrant for their arrest.

Moore has been arrested two other times for driving under the influence. One instance was while he was driving in Taylor County.

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