Former Abilenians describe Moore, Okla., tornado devastation

Former Abilenians in OK tornado describes damage

ABILENE, Texas - Several former Abilenians saw and have been reporting on the deadly tornado and the damage it left in Moore.

Former KTXS meteorologist Danielle Dozier now works for an Oklahoma City television station.

Dozier told us at one point Monday, she was just a quarter mile away from the EF-5 tornado she was covering for her station. She said it's hard to believe that yesterday there was a thriving community in Moore and Monday there was so much devastation.

"When we were on the side of the road, we were at one point about a quarter mile from the tornado and debris was flying and swirling in the air right above our heads," said Dozier. 

Dozier watched as the tornado ripped through homes and other buildings in Moore.

"There's damage everywhere, there's homes that are completely destroyed there was a school that was hit in the Moore area, a theatre that was hit, that whole town has just really had it bad with tornadoes in years past and this one, from what I've been hearing, is probably one of the worst,"  said Dozier.

Bryan Keating now does sports in Oklahoma City; he was with KTXS for five years.

"I've never seen anything like this a lot of people will talk about 1999 when a tornado went thru Moore a big F4 and I got to say I remember that one vividly and I think this one is worse cause there's a lot more people that live in Moore now," Keating said. 

Keating said people in Oklahoma tend to offer a helping hand to their neighbors in need.

"You just grow up in Oklahoma you want to help everybody all the time and right now you just feel helpless," said Keating. 

"I think we're going to find out in the next few days, weeks that a lot of people aren't going to make it out of this alive," he added.

Relief efforts are already underway in Abilene. Global Samaritan Resources is collecting donations for victims in Moore. You can drop of monetary donations on site at their office on North First Street during business hours or donate online at their website globalsamaritan.org


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