Former AISD board member reacts to departure of the man who unseated him

ABILENE, TX - Abilene school board member, Shane Davidson is stepping down after only six months on the board.

Tuesday, he announced he's taking a job at the University of Evansville in Indiana.

So what happens to his empty seat? Just last spring, Davidson beat out incumbent Charlie Wolfe for place seven on the board. We spoke to Wolfe on Wednesday. He says he definitely wasn't expecting this news.

"I did get a couple of calls yesterday telling me about it," said Wolfe. "I was kind of surprised."

Charlie Wolfe served on the Abilene School Board for 12 years. He's been in business in Abilene for 26 years. Wolfe takes the success of the school district and the city personally.

"We hire from the school district and so we desperately need good graduates," said Wolfe.

The board plans to accept Dr. Davidson's resignation in January. From there, they have six months to fill his seat. They can either appoint someone or hold a special election. Wolfe said he'd consider another go round.

Wolfe said, "My heart's still there and there are a lot of things left unfinished."

We spoke to Dr. Davidson as well. He said the decision to step down was tough and that the opportunity was best from him personally and professionally.

In the meantime, Wolfe says he's ready to step in, if needed.

"Some of us are lifetime residents and we're here to stay and we'll do whatever we can when we can to help things out," said Wolfe.

We called the University of Evansville also. The University President Thomas Kazee said this about hiring Dr. Davidson: "Shane brings tremendous energy and a wealth of professional experience to the position."

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