Fourth of July has different meaning for Big Country residents

What Independence Day means to Big Country residents

ABILENE, Texas - Most everyone has a way they celebrate Independence Day, whether that's with family, a parade or just taking the day off.

Buffalo Gap Historic Village gave some residents a reason to celebrate with their Frontier Fourth celebration, but some folks said they had a different reason to remember the day.

"A lot of people paid a very high price for us to have the freedom and the luxuries of the things we have," John Smith, Abilene resident, said.

Smith said each year, he remembers the cost of freedom and those that lost their lives fighting for it.

"I have a hard time talking about Omaha Beach and all those boys that died there and I think that things like that are so easily forgotten," Smith said.

For new U.S. citizen Karen Douglas, America is not just the land of the free, it's the land of opportunity.

"My husband and my girls are both citizens, born here, and I was the only one not so it just meant a lot for all of us to be on the same team, so to speak," Douglas said.

Douglas came to the United States as a student 19 years ago, but is originally from Barbados and just became a citizen two years ago.

She said she will continue to remember how blessed she is to be an American.

"We take freedom for granted and forget the price that was paid by so many to accomplish this enormous, tremendous feat for us," Douglas said.

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