Funeral in Amarillo for 1 veteran killed in Midland train crash

AMARILLO, Texas - AMARILLO, Texas (AP) - A funeral will be held in Amarillo for an Army sergeant who saved his wife from a West Texas train crash, but was killed in the collision.
Family spokesman Cory Rogers told the Amarillo Globe News that the funeral for Army Sgt. Joshua Michael will likely be after Thanksgiving, but didn't give a time or location for the services.
Michael was with his wife, Daylyn, when a train careening down the track hit the flatbed truck that was part of a parade.
Michael was among four war veterans killed in Thurdsay's collision, transforming a weekend meant to pay tribute to veterans into a dismal memorial.
Daylyn Michael's mother, Mary Hefley, says Michael shoved his wife from the float just before impact, saving her life. The couple has two children.

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