Garages, trash cans in Abilene hit by graffiti vandalism

Graffitti problems plague Abilene neighborhood

ABILENE, Texas - Residents in a north Abilene neighborhood reported graffiti vandalism on their trash cans and garage doors this past weekend.

According to the incident report, the vandalism happened sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Dozens of homes were hit by graffiti. Residents on Marsalis Drive, Rosewood Drive and Westwood Drive all fell victim to the vandalism.

"It's pretty upsetting they're out there destroying property," said resident Janice McFadden. "It's going to cost us money to buy paint and have it painted. We're senior citizens and they don't think about that when they're out vandalizing the property."

McFadden was one of the first of her neighbors to notice the spray-paint.

"I was kind of surprised when the [garage] door went down and I saw the graffiti on there," McFadden said.

Cappie Meyerdirk said their neighborhood has always been quiet.

"We've lived here over 50 years and we've never had any problems," said Meyerdirk.

Both Meyerdirk and McFadden hope the suspects pay for the consequences of their actions.

"They need to be caught and taught a lesson," said Meyerdirk.

"I think they should have to come back and paint everyone's property," said McFadden.

According to a second incident report, a south Abilene business building on Buffalo Gap Road reported obscene spray-painted pictures in its parking lot. They have since painted over the graffiti, but building owner Jim Taylor said it's still frustrating.

"It's still very degrading to the tenants," said Taylor. "It makes them very nervous about the building or about the area and we don't want that."

Police are continuing to investigate, but do not currently have any suspects.

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