Gas prices drop in time for holiday travel

ABILENE, TX - Gas prices in Abilene are coming down, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Drivers are happy to fill up before the holidays.

"I like it, everything else is more expensive so any break you can get on anything helps," said Traveler Dennis Elliott.

"I think it's great," said Driver Gary Pittard. "As I travel through East Texas, well this is really the lowest price market I've come through."

Prices fell below the state and national average. GasBuddy.com shows most stations selling regular unleaded for $2.99 a gallon. The state of Texas averages $3.19 and the national average $3.43.

"We plan on going out of town to go visit family during the holidays and so $2.99 right now makes a big difference," said Holiday traveler Daphne Arther.

Paying less at the pump goes a long way. It's the difference between having extra cash or empty pockets.

"Well that's disposable income that you can use to take you're family out to eat or something versus when the prices were higher you didn't have that disposable income," said Driver Steven Haynes.

The savings puts more money in driver's pockets. Haynes said, "I'm saving probably about from $30-40 a week."

That adds up. Taking that long drive won't be as costly.

"It's helping my pocket. It's keeping more of it in my pocket," said Elliott.

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