Gas prices fall below $3 in Abilene

Gas prices go below $3 per gallon

ABILENE, Texas - Over the last week, gas prices have dropped to under three dollars a gallon at some stations in the Big Country. The plummeting fuel prices are leaving many local residents with more money in their pockets.

Some of those happy drivers are planning on using that money to venture out with their families.

"A lot of less money coming out of our pocket, more entertainment we can go see," Daniel Wunderlich, a Tye resident, said.

Sonya Roberts, another Tye resident, is planning to take her family out for a bite to eat, "I'm gonna take my kids to go eat...after the Dallas Cowboy game."

The steep decline in gas prices is not just taking place in Abilene and surrounding cities, but also nationwide, with the average price of a gallon dropping 14 cents in the past two weeks.




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