Gas prices higher than normal for July 4 holiday

Big Country residents hit the road for holiday weekend

ABILENE, Texas - Are you headed out of town for the holidays or are you opting to stay in because of high gas prices?

This holiday gas prices are higher than they've been since 2008, topping off at an average of $3.67 a gallon in the United States. There are still people braving the roads this holiday, no matter the cost.

"We're headed up to Benbrook to see our daughter, have a wonderful Fourth of July, gonna have some hot dogs and about 20 of the family are gonna be there so we're gonna have a great time," Gary Paulette, traveler, said.

"We're going to Austin for a family reunion," Barron Barkowsky, traveler, said.

They aren't alone, with more than 40 million people hitting the roads for July 4 celebrations.

Some travelers said they are going to be smart about how they spend their money while they're out and about.

"We're trying to be frugal, I mean we do have to have two vehicles but it's not bad, our gas mileage hasn't been so bad," Aurora Vargas, traveler, said.

Paulette said although he knows it won't be cheap to travel, he can't put a dollar amount on seeing family.

"I know the oil prices are going up and that causes the gasoline prices to go up too, so you just have to be restrictive on what you do but this is kind of a neat celebration because our daughter just got married so we wanted to be there for her," Paulette said.

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