Gear up for the Zombie apocalypse haunted house in Abilene

Battle zombies at airsoft haunted house

ABILENE, Texas - If you're looking for a creative way to get into the Halloween spirit, an Abilene business is offering a haunted house with a unique twist on the latest zombie craze.

Castle Airsoft Surplus will be swarming with zombies every night until Halloween on Thursday. "Survivors" will have glow sticks, flashlights and guides to get them through the company's zombie wasteland. The twist: Each survivor will be equipped with an airsoft gun.

To keep things under control, Co-Owner Justin White said the guns will be loaded with air rather than pellets.

"It's completely safe," White said. "We actually took that into account because that was our original idea—to load them up with bb's and actually get to shoot [the zombies], but we were like no, that's unsafe—so we went with option two and just did the CO2 air."

The zombies will still know when they've been hit.

"They actually react to the shootings," White said. "We have our heroes—which are the soldiers that are taking you through survival—they actually brief you on what's going to happen, what they expect, the safety part of it and just the rules of the course itself."

White said there will also be a surprise at the end—one he won't give away right now.

For the haunted house, Castle Airsoft Surplus will be open from 8 p-m to midnight until Thursday. The cost is only $5. The business is located at 2636 Barrow St.

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