Generous donation translates to new school supplies for all Ortiz Elementary students

School supplies donated to Ortiz

ABILENE, Texas - Students at Ortiz Elementary School will start the school year off right with their school supplies donated free-of-charge.

Arrow Ford staff got inspired to raise funds for the supplies after an employee – whose wife teaches at the school – told them about the Leader in Me program school staff have implemented. The supplies cost an estimated $25 per student and the business donated enough supplies for the 700 students expected to attend this year.

"We found out that (at) Ortiz elementary – the students that go there are over 90 percent at the poverty level or below. Well the more we thought about helping them, what else could we do beside this leadership program? And that's when we thought school supplies," Arrow Ford's Brooke Bailey said.

The money came from Ford, local employees and donations from others in the community.

"I've gotten calls all summer long from parents who have lost their job or have been struggling and when I'm able to tell them, ‘Don't worry your school supplies are taken care of,' I can sense the relief in their voice on the other end of the phone," Ortiz Elementary's Cami Winter said.

The business also donated bags with the motto "Keep Calm and Lead On" for the students to carry their new supplies. Members of the Arrow Ford team plan to stay involved with the leadership program throughout the year.

If you would still like to donate, click here.

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