Golfers tee off to benefit Love and Care Ministries

ABILENE, Texas - People in Abilene got out their golf clubs to help those less fortunate. The 5th annual Love and Care Ministries Golf Tournament ended Monday evening at Diamondback Golf Course.

About 40 teams came out to play in this year's tournament. Each team consisted of four people and cost $600 – and many of them are sponsored by businesses in the local area.

Country singer Aaron Watson put the golf tournament together five years ago.     

"I think this is a great opportunity or us here in Abilene to raise money or Love and Care while playing golf I mean it's kind of a win-win," said Watson. 

Proceeds from the tournament go to Love and Care Ministries to help the homeless or extreme poor.

"Twenty dollars here and $20 there goes to buy a lot of meals, it goes to help medical needs, things that we do at Love and Care to help the community of Abilene so it means a whole lot to us," said Mark Hewitt, co-founder of Love and Care Ministries. 

"There are folks having hard times and you know we just can't keep driving by them. You never know it could be one of us having hard times and Love and Care is a nice thing to do," Watson said. 

Each year there have been more people in Abilene that have come out to tee off.

"We've been blessed every year that we've done this and Aaron started it for us five years ago and I think the community has blessed Love and Care for many years and I'm grateful or that," Hewitt said. 

Last year the golf tournament raised more than $20,000.

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