Good Morning America announces Cooper High School as a Katy Perry video finalist

ABILENE, Texas - Before sunrise, Cooper High School gym auditorium was packed tight with students and faculty for a big announcement.

Good Morning America morning show crew was directing the red, white and blue dressed crowd to begin live streaming the major production. Cooper High School was named a top five finalist in the Katy Perry video contest. The pop star launched the contest with GMA and Cooper was named out of hundreds of highs schools.

Thursday morning kids began lining up outside the school starting at 3am. The roaring cheers began around 5:30 and wrapped up at 8am. For hours the Cooper gym was filled with screaming teens.

"I'm really glad that we just made top five," Cooper High School student Matisse Ferrel said. "That's just awesome. If we win that would just be the cherry on the cake."

Ferrel, along with Denver Gravitt helped put together the video that got the school nominated.

"Glad we're a finalist in a contest, but I also feel like we have real meaning in the video, and it's a really good message," Cooper High School student Denver Gravitt said. "I was just glad I could contribute to something like that."

However, Thursday morning's production was more than the kids ever dreamed.

"It's crazy," Gravitt said. "It's a blast. It's kind of like wow, I'm going to see it on TV and we'll record it and everything and say, I did that. We did that."

For one of the video's stand-outs, Venice Vinson it's a moment she'll never forget.
"It was really amazing," Vinson said. "We did a good job. I hope we win."

On October 18th Katy Perry will announce the winner of the video contest and on October 25th, Perry will give a free concert to whoever wins.

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