Goodwill, McKay's Bakery among businesses seeing decrease in sales during bad weather

Economic problems caused by weather video

ABILENE, Texas - Bad weather keeping motorists home and off the road is bad news for many Abilene businesses.

While some closed their doors temporarily, others are seeing big losses.

Goodwill has experienced a decline in customers since the bad weather came around over the past week.

"Of course when we're closed it's significant because it's zero, but on days like today we're probably see a 50 percent drop or so," said Julie McCay, director of retail for Goodwill.

McKay's Bakery is seeing the same drop in sales.

"When you normally have 200 people coming in your store, which is the average customer count for this store, and that goes to 30, you know it impacts your sales," said Dianne Green, owner of McKay's Bakery.

Green said even with the loss of profit, she's learned how to save more money.

"You can usually offset it by reducing your employee costs. You don't need as many people here. You can get ahead a prepare a little better," Green said. "There's several ways you can kind of offset it and make it not as drastic."

McCay said they have loyal customers, so if they can't get out and shop today, they'll shop tomorrow.

"When our customers do come in, we offer special sales or incentives while they're there shopping in our store," McCay said.

Officials with both businesses say they don't see days like this very often during the year.

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