Graduate of Abilene ISD's 8th grade career and technology programs touts effort

Profiling a Holland Medical High School senior

ABILENE, TX - A high school student said Abilene ISD's 8th grade career and technology program helped prepare him for the real world.

Drew Flores, a senior in Abilene ISD's career and technical education program at Holland Medical High School, said he's benefited from taking the preparatory course.

Texas State Sen. Daniel Patrick wants to make this program a statewide effort.

"I found out that medical stuff would be my passion and it looked really awesome and now that I'm pursuing that, I think it really did help me personally because of the insight and the enlightening things it had inside of it," Flores said.

He said the program has given him real world experience in the scientific field.

"If I wanted to go work somewhere in a clinic with my certification I would definitely impress my employers and other doctors showing that I could do phlebotomy," Flores said. "I could draw blood for samples. I could take samples for labs."

"We teach them job skills," said Kim Turnbull, a health science teacher. "Job seeking and job keeping skills and do they really do a very good job of presenting themselves in the workplace and they are hired on the spot."

"Start early," Flores said. "Definitely because having experience is one of the best things that you can have."

After graduation Drew said he plans to attend Texas Tech to pursue his bachelor's degree and then go on to medical school to become a family physician.

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