Guitars & Cadillacs grabs social media attention after veteran claims he and his service dog were kicked out

ABILENE, Texas - A local veteran's claim that a popular Abilene club refused to let him inside with his service dog Friday sparked a firestorm on social media over the weekend. 

Gregor Heise claims he was bullied out of the popular Abilene club Guitars & Cadillacs Friday night.    

Heise told KTXS he originally went inside the club to enjoy an evening with his daughters, but due to a medical condition, he decided he could not do that without his service dog accompanying him.

"I went to the front door with bouncers or manager or whatever it was--they said it would be fine so I went to go get [the dog]--and I was there already so they said it was okay for me to have him," Heise said.

He went back home, picked up the dog and tried to re-enter, but said that was when everything changed.

"The world blew up right in front of me," Heise said. "It became a wall of white shirts and black shirts and pushing and kicking my dog and pushing me out of the way and denying my services to come back in."

Manager Scott Goldsey declined an on-camera interview, but spoke with KTXS on the phone. He said Heise was never physically threatened.

Since the incident happened, the Guitars & Cadillacs Facebook page has been riddled with comments. A post by administrators on the page reads: "Out of concern for the dog, the patron was informed that the interior of the club was full of people, very loud music was playing (it is a dance club...), and the risk of broken glass could hurt the dog's feet. The patron IMMEDIATELY got defensive, became agitated, and informed the staff that if his dog was denied entrance there would be a law suit. At this point, the dog was NOT denied entrance, but the patron was asked to leave; we do not allow unruly, rude, agitated customers to remain in the club."

Heise claimed he was kicked out and threatened while he was at his car because he began calling police.

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