Hardin-Simmons University students, faculty honor student after tragic death

ABILENE, Texas - Friends of Taylor Huff gathered at Shelton Stadium on the Hardin-Simmons University campus to honor his life in a special candlelight vigil Sunday night.

Huff's presence can still be felt throughout the HSU campus; his spirit was within the hearts of everyone who came out to the special memorial service.

James Hadnot said Huff was like his brother, and the candlelight vigil was the best way he could honor him and bring everyone who cared for him together.

"A lot of people couldn't make his funeral down in Arlington and a lot of people wanted to be a part of this and so when they told me they weren't going to be able to go down there, I said okay, I'm gonna have something for him up here and I know a lot of people wanted to be a part of it," Hadnot said.

Most students remembered Huff for his skills on the football field, but his teammates said he was more than the jersey he wore on his back.

"He's a team player, selfless and you know he gave his all - one hundred percent," teammate Darren Seamster said.

Huff's other friends said they'll miss seeing him around campus.

"Aw man always seeing him all the time. You did see him all the time on campus…everywhere," Huff's teammate, Jamal Agbor said.  "Even like outside of school you'll see him, but definitely on campus everywhere."

Huff's friends also say they were blessed to spend even a little time with him - no matter how short that time was.

"Even though he didn't know he made an impact on my life, he really did and he always made people feel welcome and I just appreciate that for him, for him doing that for me," Huff's friend Joanna Daniel said.

But overall, most people said that he cared so much for other people; he just wanted to make everyone smile. One of Huff's close friends said she will never forget just how happy he was.

"We were working at camp and Taylor is not a guy that you think would perform in front of anyone other than football, and we actually performed to My Girl by the Temptations for a group of ladies at camp," Coco Cartwright said.

Even with those happy memories, one professor said he might not even realize the impact he left on HSU.

"I truly believe he's watching this and he's probably making a big deal, saying why are they being so fussy over all this? Because I don't think he knew he was loved as much as he is," Professor Sue Robinson said.

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