Has spring arrived? Big Country residents weigh in

ABILENE, Texas - The signs of spring are hard to ignore, but many Big Country residents aren't ruling out a late spring freeze just yet.

The calendar and the thermometer say spring is here, but many Big Country residents have their own ways of knowing.

"When the mesquites start blooming and the wind starts blowing in March and April, spring has come," said J.C. Gibson, a warm weather enthusiast.

For others, spring starts when you get to roll up your sleeves and get some yard work down.

"The birds are singing and I have my red geraniums on the patio, and I worked all day Saturday in that yard" said Zella McKinney of Abilene.

Despite the warm weather and the greener landscape, some aren't convinced that we're done with winter just yet.

Jesse Ramirez, a Big Country resident, thinks the trees might be getting ahead of themselves.

"They're starting to bloom, maybe a little early. We might bet a little more cold weather later," Ramirez said.

Many also believe that an Easter freeze isn't out of the question, despite a late Easter.

Several people we spoke with believe the mesquites won't bloom until the threat of frost is over.

There's no freezing weather in the forecast for the next several days, but the mesquite trees are still bare. That could mean Mother Nature has another freeze up her sleeve.

The average last freeze in Abilene is March 22. The record for latest freeze was set on April 17, 1947.

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