Have you made your New Year's resolution?

ABILENE, Texas - If you've been thinking about changing things in your life for 2014, you aren't alone.

Most people have started thinking about ways to better themselves for their New Year's resolution.

Based off a study from the University of Scranton, on a national level, the top resolutions are to lose weight, get more organized, spend less and save more money, enjoy life to the fullest and stay fit and healthy.

We also asked Abilenians about their resolutions and how they choose to follow through with them. Most wanted to be healthier mentally and emotionally, not just physically.

"Just start by passing the word of God, that's a big step, but do the right things when people aren't looking and when they're looking," Cort Chapman said.

Sue Pounds, another Abilene resident said she didn't want to put off her goals until next year, "To quit gossiping and then to not just say next year for 2015, to lose weight."

"Not to make any resolutions I guess, but I do have a lot of hope for the new year I think it'll be a good one this year," Mary Ray said. "A lot of things happened this past year that were affecting the whole family so I'm hoping for a better year and hopefully some get-togethers."

But Michael Harris said, "I just need to do the things I was gonna do last year."

For more motivation, there are even apps to help you stay on track. In your apps store, "Free New Year's Resolution" is a popular app that helps you achieve your goals.

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