Hawley community comes together to honor former mayor

Hawley honors former mayor with plaque

ABILENE, Texas - The Hawley community pulled together Saturday morning to remember a man who impacted so many people.

Ronnie Woodard, the former mayor of Hawley, passed away in the mid-January, but his legacy still lives on in the city; he was recognized at a plaque presentation Saturday at city hall.

"This town would not be where it is today if it wasn't for Ronnie Woodard," Billy Richardson, current mayor, said.

Mayor Richardson said living up to Woodard's legacy won't be easy.

"It's hard to fill those shoes, to do everything that he did and to run this city as efficiently as he did," Richardson said.

As soon as the design plans are completed, Richardson said the plaque will be displayed every day outside of the city hall building.

Friends like Bill Dickson say Woodard's life was a testimony to the residents of Hawley.

"Ronnie was a good, solid man," Dickson said. "He was, I would use the word impeccable, because he was always helpful to all people, kind to all people."

As the city holds together, family and friends said Woodard's ethics will never be forgotten.

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