Heart strings pulled at youth bull riding competition in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - He wears pink chaps and is only 15 years old. He lost his cousin to cancer and his grandmother is in remission from breast cancer.

Tyler Werner rides for both of them.

Werner weighs in at about 85 pounds – the bulls he rides average 1,000 pounds, and this is his first year bull riding.

Every time he rides he thinks of his grandma and his cousin. He brings along a Bible every time he rides.

In it he keeps a special quote from his cousin: "I am not looking for easy. I am looking for possible."

Werner and his family have been affected by cancer, and he rides to fight it.

"Bull riding is only eight seconds." Werner said, "but cancer is for life."

His cousin Colt Colwell died of a rare form of cancer called Synovial Sarcoma. It is so rare, family members referred to it as one in a million, and they referred to Colt as one in a million as well.

"Everybody in my family said he was one in a million because he did more stuff for anybody then he would do for himself," Werner said.

Tyler went on to qualify on Thursday and will ride Friday. If all goes well he will move on to the Saturday finals – then hopefully to the next rodeo in Oklahoma.

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