Hendrick Home celebrates founder's 150th birthday

Hendrick Birthday Celebration

ABILENE, Texas - Saturday, staff at Hendrick Home for Children shared the story of Thomas Gould Hendrick, who started child care services in Abilene more than 70 years ago. Hendrick founded the Hendrick Home for Children and is also the namesake behind Hendrick Medical Center.

Tuesday would have been his 150th birthday and Hendrick staff threw a sesquicentennial birthday party to celebrate him on Saturday. The staff at Hendrick Home said more than 1,500 children have lived at the Abilene campus.

"We raise them 24/7, become their guardian, we take them to choir, we take them to band, we take them to football games and we become their parents," said Barbara Dahl, Vice President of Community Relations at Hendrick Home for Children. 

The Hardin-Simmons Cowboy Band played in Hendrick's honor. Children at Hendrick Home said they are grateful for it and the life it has made possible for them.

"I've been here for a while and like I've gotten to kind of grow up here and we just do we have lots of opportunities," said Kimberly Brady who has lived at Hendrick Home for eight years.

Hendrick Home offers children a place to live, help with their education, activities, and even single parent housing for mothers who are having financial troubles.

"No matter what if you just need a little help or something, it's a really good place and it's a lot of fun," said Brady.


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