Hendrick Medical Center offers free education to those struggling with diabetes

ABILENE, Texas - Did you know about 27 million Americans suffer from diabetes? That's a number health care professionals are calling an epidemic and one Abilene hospital is doing something to help those who are dealing with it.

"Today we're having our lunch and learn, we have this event free to the community every other month," said Donna Goble, at Hendrick Medical Center. "We just want to make ourselves known. That we're here and that we have a program that can help them with their diabetes management."

José Gonzalez is very appreciative of Hendrick Medical Center's Diabetes Management Program: he's been living with the disease for years.

"You don't ever quit being a diabetic, you're always a diabetic but sometimes in your daily life you can slip and forget and this reinforces stuff that's happening," said José.

"You can have a normal life but you just have to use self control and prepare yourself."

Preparation is the key especially because there is no cure for diabetes and as we found out from health experts, it can lead to other diseases.

"A lot of times heart disease and diabetes go hand in hand. Strokes, kidney disease, all of that... they go hand in hand," said Donna.

Something José is well aware of.

"The more you do and the more you know is only gonna help you and improve your quality of life. Being sick and miserable is no way to live and being healthy is possible. The trick is to know how to live the healthy life with diabetes. A lot of people think the diabetes changes your life and it does, but you can still have normalcy," said José.

For more information on the Diabetes Self Management Education Program at Hendrick Medical Center. Click HERE. They have their Lunch and Learn Workshop open to the community free of charge every other month. They also have support groups and offer free workshops to help with diabetic management.

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