Hendrick one of five U.S. hospitals offering cutting-edge technology to treat coronary artery disease

Hendrick one of five U.S. hospitals offering cutting-edge technology

ABILENE, Texas - New lifesaving technology available in Abilene will help people who suffer from coronary artery disease.

Hendrick Medical Center is one of five hospitals in the country offering Optical Coherence Tomography 3D. It provides what doctors are calling a high-definition look at the inside of arteries.

"What this technology gives us is a front row seat to what's going on inside the artery," said Dr. Harvi Arora, a physician at Hendrick Medical Center.

The machine shows how large blockages in the arteries are and will assist in stent placement and treatment.

"It can actually show you the exact extent of the blockage The length of the blockage and then when you deploy a stent it can tell you exactly how the stent is looking in the artery that's revolutionary technology," said Arora.

Arora said the new technology will make it easier to diagnose CAD and help cut down on unnecessary surgeries.

"We've taken arbitrariness out of decision-making, we have taken the assumptions out of how we treat and when we treat so what we are doing is evidence-based medicine and evidence-based deployment of stents," said Arora.

Hendrick has been using the new technology for about two weeks.

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