High fire danger expected to stick around Big Country

Active fire season in store for Big Country

ABILENE, Texas - Fires have been popping up across the Big Country lately and the high risk for fires is expected to stick around.

KTXS Chief Meteorologist Mark Rowlett said special attention should be paid to "red flag warnings," which are one of the main indicators that we should limit outdoor activities.

"High temperatures, low humidity and strong winds, those are the three elements that come together that really raise the high fire danger," Rowlett said.

Rowlett said because the Big Country is in a drought, residents should take extra steps to protect themselves.

"We're already behind on the rainfall across the entire area and the drought continues, so it doesn't look very good. (It) looks like more of this high, elevated fire danger will continue," Rowlett said.

Because most wildfires are actually caused by people, dangerous blazes can be avoided. Taking simple precautions, such as disposing cigarettes properly, can decrease the chances of a fire sparking near you.

"Chains dragging down the highway, we don't want that," Rowlett said. "Barbecuing and leaving it unattended where a spark or ember can get loose and then create a fire and then it gets out of control. Let's not do things that will create a fire."

In case of evacuation, keeping a full tank of gas, having a plan and a "go bag" with important papers and required medications could make the process easier.

Digging a 20-foot fire barrier around your home might also protect your house from fire danger.

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