High grass zero tolerance week wraps up

ABILENE, Texas - Friday was the last day of Abilene's 'Zero-Tolerance Week' for tall grass and weeds.

Violators  were charged with a Class C misdemeanor, and could also face a $500 fine if their grass was not cut after being warned.

Grass that was between 12 inches and 4 feet tall is considered out of compliance by the city of Abilene.  If it is over 4 feet tall, the city automatically cuts the grass and bills the owner of the property.

The city tells KTXS that the exact number of citations written this week will not be available until the middle of next week.

As for the city cutting it's own grasses, Leah Mazzarelli, spokeswoman for the city of Abilene says they have different departments dedicated to mowing on schedules. She sent this statement in further detail on who is involved:


The Stormwater Division currently has 4 employees dedicated to mowing. They have 4 large tractor mowers that pull a mowing deck and 2 zero radium mowers for smaller areas. They mow approximately 2,000 acres throughout the City. Mowers are on rotation daily, as weather permits, all year.


The Water Department now contracts their mowing out to a local landscape company.

Before the contract the department had 8-10 employees dedicated to mowing about 25-30 locations around town. This occurred weekly or bi-weekly depending on rain.


Parks currently has about 38 employees dedicated to mowing on a regular basis. Their schedules also depend on weather.


Aviation has 3 maintenance personnel who do a multitude of tasks each day including mowing.  The airport has over 1,750 acres to mow. The parking lot has to be done more frequently, about every 1 -1 ½ weeks. Mowing the airfield depends more on rainfall.

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