Holiday travelers hit the road for Christmas

ABILENE, TX - For some, it's the happiest time of the year. On the roads, it's the busiest season for holiday travel.

Drivers are hitting the highway, eager to be with their family and friends for the holidays. 

We spoke with one traveler, Carolyn Ray, who told us about her family's tradition on Christmas.

"Every year, we plan to go home to my parents with my sisters, my two brothers, the grand kids and the great grands," said Ray. "We all gather and we sleep on the floor. We have a blast. We share Christmas and stories, and it's just fun."

Ray and her cuddly companion were all set to jump on the road when we spoke with her.

"When you have a little dog, like Angel here, she doesn't get to fly so we travel by car and its easier," said Ray. "We just pack it down with all of our gifts and we go."

She told us the traffic had been smooth so far, but regardless of issues on the road nothing will stop her from a Christmas celebration with her family.

"It's fun, going to be with my parents," said Ray. "They're a real blessing. We have a lot of fun. They're 90 and 84. How can you resist her homemade biscuits every morning?"

Even though she brought gifts, Ray said it's not the most important part of their reunion.

"You don't have to have gifts really," said Ray. "You just need to be together. That's what it's all about."

The weekend before Christmas is one of the busiest times on the roads. More than 93 million people are expected to travel this upcoming holiday.

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