Home and Garden Expo attracts love and home improvement experts

ABILENE, TX - The Home and Garden Expo wrapped up Sunday at the Abilene Civic Center.

The expo featured booths and seminars for people to get more information and consultations.

Hundreds of people attended over the two day event, including one unique couple who are experts at love and home improvement.

Joe and Carol Melao are not green to the home and garden world or the language of love.

"This is our second marriage (to each other)," said Carol Melao. "This is our sixth house. We retired and came to Abilene."

They say, they are here to stay.

"This is our retirement home," said Carol. "This is where we live and we do everything to make it comfortable for us. We love it."

Even if they have to compromise with each other, they make one another first.

"She's interested in the kitchen more than I am," said Joe Melao. "I'm just trying to be a nice guy."

"It's not that hard for him," said Carol Melao. "He is a nice guy."

Joe is used to doing a lot of the house fixing himself, but time Carol might want some help.

"Oh please let someone do it for me. No, I'm just kidding honey," said Carol.

"She does the color," said Joe "and he does everything else," said Carol. "We work together on that. She does all the colors and she picks out patterns she likes and then I take care of everything else," said Joe.

Whether plants or windows, countertops or cabinets, Joe and Carol are working as a team.

"It's just my wife and I," said Joe. "Our children are all grown and gone. We have grand kids. The come over once in a while but they're not that hard on it."

One thing us for sure. They agree on each other and the house.

"I'm not moving," said Joe. "No we're not moving," said Carol. "We're going have to make it nice," said Joe.

The Melao's left the expo with the information they were looking for from the show. They also say everything is better a second or third.

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