Home Depot gives tips to help with storm damage

Home improvement store shares tips for repairing hail damage

ABILENE, Texas - The Home Depot helped Abilenians on Tuesday with tips on temporary fixes for damage from the hailstorm two weeks ago.

The baseball-sized hail did tremendous damage to roofs and cars and many Abilenians are still driving around with broken windows.

Home Depot was out Tuesday giving temporary tips for fixing roofs and cars to people who came by their booth. They were mainly trying to help those who don't currently have insurance or the funds for repairs.

But Ed Kick – a Home Depot employee – reminded those who came by that these are temporary fixes and don't push aside fixing them as soon as possible.

"Don't neglect your repairs when you can have further water damage inside the house," Kick said. "That is your responsibility as a homeowner."

Kick also said to make sure your roof is protected. As for contractors, he said to get at least three estimates, talk to your neighbors and know your contractor.

A few more tips to make sure your cars and homes do not receive more damage:

*- Cover all your windows on your cars

*- Make claims right away with your insurance agency

*- If possible, make upgrades to your roof when replacing it.

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