How do Abilene students feel out about STAAR testing?

Students speak out about the S.T.A.A.R tests

ABILENE, TX - We asked high shoolers at Abilene High and Cooper High to sound off on STAAR, the state test used to assess student abilities.

For some kids it's a struggle. For others, passing is no problem.

Sophomore Caleb Carter says he feels prepared for his next set of end of course tests or EOCs.  While they can be stressful, he's confident he'll succeed.

"I can pass the STAARs," said Carter. "I can do well but I feel like for a lot of people, it's pretty difficult."

Although not worried for himself, Caleb says others struggle with the STAAR tests.

Carter says, "I know that in the past we took tests, some had to have extremely low passing grades."

The teachers are only given sample questions from the previous year to prepare students. Passing the tests determines whether they move on to the next grade.

"I feel like maybe it would help some people out if there was both the STAAR and another test," said Carter.

Rae'Ana Fernandez is a Sophomore at Cooper High and she's not as confident she'll pass.

"It's a struggle for me, to be honest," said Fernandez.

Rae'Ana feels the pressure from increasingly harder tests.

Fernandez said, "It's harder for me to take my EOC tests than it was my TAKs test."

However, Rae'Ana and Caleb do agree on one thing. All students taking the same test might not  be fair.

"I don't think that everyone is caught up to the same point where they all can take the same exact test," said Fernandez. "Now that I don't do as good on my EOCs as I want to it makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like a failure."

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