How the assassination of President John F. Kennedy changed America

JFK's death changed history

ABILENE, Texas - President John F. Kennedy has a reputation for being one of the most personable presidents in history.

"You look at him riding through the streets of Texas on his various stops on this trip and he was amazingly assessable," said Dr. Paul Fabrizio, political science professor at McMurry University. 

But after President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, many things changed.

"The concept of security that we have today is not what it was in those days so his death in essence changed our relationship with the president we can't get close to our president now," Fabrizio said.

Kennedy's death also had a major impact on his successor, Texan Lyndon Johnson.

"Kennedy's death really made Lyndon Johnson a much more activist Pres. And you think about civil rights you think about Medicare and you think about Vietnam," said Fabrizio. 

For one generation, the day Kennedy was shot and killed is a day they will never forget, although he was actually the fourth president to be assassinated. 

"This was such a pivotal moment for so many people and a younger president was taken in his prime but I think in time, and we might not be around here for it, it will not be a big event," said Fabrizio.

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