HSU President calls actions disgusting, ACU students relieved

Five Hardin-Simmons students face fake ticket discipline

ABILENE, Texas - Hardin-Simmons University President Dr. Lanny Hall used the word "disgusting" to describe the actions of the five students who put offensive, fake parking tickets on ACU student's cars.

"We talk about being aware of differences and the need to treat everyone with fairness and understanding and certainly we'll be doing more of that in light of this," Hall said.

According to the HSU student handbook, the students will now be investigated by the Office of Student Life.

"It's only fair to give students an opportunity to be interviewed, we'll do that and yes this could result in some type of warning or even suspension," Hall said.

J Sheppard was one of the ACU students targeted. He said he doesn't want the situation to be swept under the rug, but he believes it should be taken as a learning experience.

"I know a lot of people want to see heads rolled for this but I feel like as long as there's some form of punishment and some form of public acknowledgement that this was wrong and it won't happen ever again, it's fine with me," Sheppard said.

One of the main groups that spoke out about the incident was the Black Student Association. T'Neise Ragland, president of the group, said she is relieved that ACU students were not involved, but there is still work that needs to be done.

"Now that's it's not from here it doesn't change the fact that the school still has some racism issues, but it's just the history of the school, but we are working now in 2014 to fix those issues," Ragland said.

She said they are currently working with administration to set up classes and address the organization's issues.

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