Hundreds cover Abilene streets to pray for crash victims

Hundreds pray for crash victims in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - Hundreds of people lined South First Street on Sunday to pray traffic victims and to have a safer 2013.

Love and Care Ministries, a nonprofit-based group in Abilene organized an afternoon street prayer on Sunday after traffic fatalities doubled in 2012. Some of the deaths were driver and pedestrian related.   

Tina Brown, 44, was one of the three pedestrians over the last year and half, hit by a truck and killed on South First Street.

Brown's family came to the prayer gathering to honor her life. Her daughter Mary Hanson said what she was praying for, "Her memory and pray for the people that are here and hope nothing happens to them."

Brown's brother Billy Parsons said, "In the last year and a half we had really gotten close and so I had gone to some of the places that she had gone to and they're just not the same anymore."

Love and Care Ministries Executive Director Mark Hewitt sent the massive crowd out along South First Street to pray for protection, the homeless and the city.

Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said safety and security are high in his prayer list.

"Our community has to truly embrace the concept that they're the first line of defense against crime and they also have to embrace the fact that we have to change driving culture in Abilene," said Standridge.

Hewitt said, "We just believe that getting together and praying out some darkness  and bringing some light to the city is going to make a difference.

Standridge also announced prayer gatherings that will happen over the next couple of months.

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