Improvements planned for Abilene's Maxwell Municipal Golf Course

Possible improvements on horizon for Maxwell Golf Course

ABILENE, Texas - Changes might be on the horizon for Abilene's municipal golf course.

Golfers of Maxwell Municipal Golf Course will be excited to hear about plans for enhancement.

"The improvement we're looking at right now is to expand our driving range tee-box about three times its size," said Dave Hand, general manager of Abilene's municipal course.

According to Hand, course officials would also like to add three practice holes and a new entrance access by way of South 27th Street with additional parking.

But for now, their focus is improving the tee box.

Money for the improvements will come from private donations, the city and the community as well. The entire enhancement project will cost about $500,000, including $50,000 for the tee-box improvement.

"We're trying to just do one step at a time and see if we can get interest from the community. If we can do that, we may form a ‘Friends of Maxwell' entity to be able to donate money and raise funds," Hand said.

Hand said the improvements will provide a big difference for younger golfers.

"We have so much participation in our junior program, high school and college participants. There's probably 80 to 100 high school kids throughout the year that use that tee box, so it gets pretty torn up. It's just not adequate to handle that many customers."

Officials hope for work to begin work to expand the tee box in the next few months. Everything, however, hinges on funding. They won't start anything until they have enough money.

Maxwell Golf Course is located at South 32nd Street off of Treadaway Boulevard.

For information about the course or membership click here. You can also give them a call if you'd like to donate to the funding for the improvements.

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