Jailers help deliver inmate's baby boy in back of transport van

Jailers help deliver inmate's baby boy in back of transport van

ABILENE, Texas - It was December 5 and it started off like any other day at the Taylor County Jail for Officers Shane Keisling and Robert Moscarelli.  At around 7 p.m. that all changed.

Vanessa Villarreal, an inmate, was pregnant and being held at the jail.

"She was going into labor in her cell and we were told to transport her to Hendrick Medical Center," Keisling said.

The officers loaded her into a transport vehicle and started on the way to the hospital.

"Officer Keisling is driving I'm just watching her to make sure everything is going alright. We arrive to the hospital and I get out to assist her out of the van and at that moment that's when she said, "I'm having my baby." That's when I notified my partner Officer Keisling of what's going on," Moscarelli said.

"He told me to stabilize her and he ran in to get help from the medical staff," said Keisling.

"I kind of saw the baby half coming out and I was just trying to keep her still, keep her calm till they get there cause we're not really trained to deal with that," he added.

Both officers did what they could to keep cool during a tense situation.

"We were expecting it hopefully in the hospital to happen, but it happened in the back of the van," said Moscarelli.

"She didn't really say anything, she stayed calm, but I was a little nervous," Keisling admitted.

Luckily, it wasn't long before medical personnel from the hospital made their way to the van.

"The men and women of Hendrick Medical Center did an outstanding job on their response time and taking over the situation," Moscarelli said.

"As soon as they got out there the medical staff took over. They got the baby out, they got her in there and they did their thing, they did a real good job," Keisling agreed.

Officers Keisling and Moscarelli said they don't deserve any special recognition for what they did.

"We did what any of the members on this department would've done. Our primary concern was just the public safety," said Moscarelli.

"I'm just happy it's doing good," Keisling said, referring to the baby.

According to the jail staff, Villarreal's baby boy is doing fine. Villareal is in custody and her baby is with CPS.

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