Keep the bloom on the rose this Valentine's Day

Florist forecast looks rosey

ABILENE, Texas - Non-traditional flowers along with tips from a local florist on how to keep your flowers alive longer.

Valentine's is a little over a week away and the flower on everyone's mind is the rose.

Many will turn to a florist for the flower needs next week, but what can you do to maximize the life of your bouquet?

Elva Sosa with Bloomindales says "keep the water level up, if you start to see the water get a little murky or cloudy, change the water out".

They also recommend cutting the stems at an angle to allow the flowers to absorb more water.

For a non-traditional gift, consider growing your own.

Todd Hooper, the General Manager of Garden World, says the Big Country is a great place to grow roses.

"Get a good place where you have good afternoon & morning sun, until about 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. and the rest of the time in shade, they seem to do a little bit better there".

The roses also don't need large amounts of watering so the city's one day a week watering schedule is rose-friendly as well.

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