KTXS always free to watch over-the-air with an antenna

Antennas offer another option to view KTXS

ABILENE, Texas - If you're missing our KTXS signal during our on-going negotiations with DISH Network, or you have problems with your satellite TV reception during periods of rain or bad weather, don't forget that with a simple antenna most of you can watch KTXS in high definition with our free over-the-air signal.

Since 2007 all televisions have been required to have digital tuners.

  • To receive digital TV over-the-air just hook an antenna up to your TV.  In many areas a simple pair of rabbit ears will work just fine.  More expensive and outside antenna's can also be purchased.  Then on your TV remote...choose source and pick TV or over-the-air.
  • Tell your television to scan for digital signals and it will save the ones it finds.  Now your all set.
  • You can choose between satellite, cable, or over-the-air.

One advantage of the free over-the-air signal you won't be bothered with the problems some satellite systems have fading out during heavy rain or bad weather.

If you have an older television you may need a converter box to pick up free digital TV.

KTXS and Bonten Media continue to negotiate in good faith with DISH in hopes that our stations will again be carried by DISH Network.

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