KTXS speaks to man who started the Facebook petition for Abilene water park

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene splash pad opened less than a month ago and kids in the area have been putting it to good use, but one man said he wishes there was something bigger to accommodate older kids and families.

"There's nothing wrong with the splash pad. The splash pad is cool if you have kids that are one to eight or nine, but for the bigger kids, like my son or daughter, it's just not fun for them," said John Burgess, 36, who created a Facebook page petitioning for a water park in Abilene.

Burgess said he created the page with his son Justin and in just four days the page already had almost 2,000 likes.

"The main thing, like I said on there, is just to wake the (Abilene) City Council up and let them say, 'Hey, there is a lot of demand where people would love to have a water park,'" Burgess said. 

Many people in Abilene agree with this idea.

"I would love to see a water park here in town," said Jennifer Openshaw, who was at the Nelson Splash Park on Thursday.

So now that the water park Facebook page has gotten so much attention what do they plan to do?

"I've never really thought that far ahead cause we didn't think it'd go this far," Burgess said.

Burgess said he doesn't expect the city to fund the potential water park and he hopes the community would come together to help pay for it.

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