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Candidate Profiles: Abilene City Council Place 5

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene voters are casting ballots in two city council races this week; one of them is Abilene City Council, Place 5.

Two candidates are running, Kyle McAlister and Charles Zollars. They both said they have a special vision for the City of Abilene.

"From a personal reason, I guess I'm running because I want to make a difference. Abilene's my home. I've lived here for the better part of 30 years. Almost 30 years, and this is where I live, my kids live here, my house is here, my family's here, my job is here. I just want to make a difference," said McAlister.

"I'm running for three different reasons. One, I've been a resident of Abilene for 39 years. I've seen this city grow; I'd like to see this city continue to grow. A second reason is that for a number of years some of my friends have suggested that I consider running for the city council. A third factor is on the national level, we all see things taking place on a federal level we'd like to see change, perhaps I need to step up to the plate and put forth the effort to become more involved in our local city government," Zollars said. 

Both candidates said they are in favor of keeping taxes low and expanding freedoms for small businesses, but there is one big difference between the two.

McAlister has worked in radio and television and currently sells insurance. Zollars, on the other hand, worked in mechanical engineering and is now retired.

"Charles is retired and he has put in his time and I understand, but I'm out there working everyday, so I see a lot of people and I know what it's like to work in this economy, I know what it's like to work here," said McAlister.

"One of the reasons I feel like I could be a good candidate for city council, I would have a generous amount of time I could allocate toward looking at issues associated with the city," said Zollars.

City Council, Place 5 is currently occupied by Stormy Higgins. His term expires at the end of May.

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