Live Christmas card spreading holiday cheer

Christmas quartet spreads holiday cheer

ABILENE, Texas - The U.S. Greeting Card Association said Christmas is the largest card sending holiday in the U.S., but the number of people sending Christmas cards shrinks every year.

"It is a lost art. Something I like to do, I like to get cards, and I'm sending them out this year. It's quite a tradition and I think it's a good one," said Dale Fooshee who was card shopping Monday afternoon.  

The association is predicting that some 1.6 billion Christmas cards will be bought this year. Thanks to the internet that's down from 1.8 billion in 2009. Several people in Abilene said it means a lot more to open a card than an email.

"It's kind of a warm feeling you know they thought about me I don't know what they thought about me but they thought about me," said Fooshee.  

If you're looking for something more unique, the acapella group memory men have another option.

"This year we thought no one is doing a live Christmas card and you send your friend Christmas cards or gift why not send them music," said Doug Worthington a member of the Memory Men Chorus.  

The oldest singing group in Abilene is spreading holiday cheer to anyone and everyone who will listen.

"It's really a great surprise and it's just the personal relationship comes through even better," said Jimmy Pickens, the recipient of a singing Christmas card Monday.  

The group doesn't expect to get rich doing it.

"We love to sing we just love to sing and we would do it whether anyone ever hired us or not," said Worthington.  

To visit the memory men website click HERE.

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